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As a kid my grandfather used to make tatter tot casserole in a dutch oven when we went camping. Basically just ground beef and onions with a can of cream of mushroom topped with tatter tots and cheese. For dessert he do a quick easy peach cobbler. Just coat the dutch oven with crisco, line with pie crust, dump in a couple of cans of peaches, add some cinnamon, cover with another pie crust and then bake till golden brown.

If you want to do a pizza in a dutch oven this might work
Pizza Casserole Dutch Oven Recipe


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I made some good dutch oven and rice at home last night. Instead of canned cream of mushroom soup, which the kids stated was too sweet, I used canned cream of poblano soup. It was awesome. Next time I'll add some canned hatch chile peppers.
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Some sample meals on my Christmas get away. We cook rice and pork before we leave. :) We make bagels and toast on one of the three real fry pans we roll with. :)
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Lot fancier plates than we use on trips.
Yep - I like to use plates that retain heat as much as we can - I am contem'plating' using Correl as they are sturdy - even though we broke one cutting food on it with a ceramic knife! lol

I know most don't like to cook in their tents but at 20-30-40* we cook and eat in a tent. Camp food does taste good but if it's cold? Just like a cup 0 joe, it needs to be warm. :)

And Tex is right. A little prep goes a long way. Sometimes we par cook things too. Another treat I like to take is caramelized onions. :)


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Great idea to pack some food for dinners, tortillas included, follow me for some more recipe ideas.

Everyone have a great Christmas and New Year, make the most of it with your family and friends, catch yall on the flip side.


Lot fancier plates than we use on trips.
Those plates were in the Cabin I like to go to. I did take you to that cabin, correct? The table cloth too. :)


Just avoid his fried rice recipes lol