Cutting the cord


If you were listening to David Goggins you'd be done the house by now lol

Yea I listen to jokko. Great podcast.

My youtube subs is crazy. That's why tv is dead. For $12 a month I get unlimited content commercial free. Everything from MIT lectures to soft porn


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There's a podcast about the Dixie Mafia that was running in Georgia in the 60s. It's a good listen and was particularly interesting because all the cities mentioned are driving distance from my house.

There's a creek behind my house that feeds into the Mulberry River, which is apparently where they buried a bunch of bodies. The main town is Winder, GA and that is where I my current favorite BBQ restaurant is located. I later found out that it is only a block away from the distillery that the serial killer's son owns.



I listen to timcast irl nightly from 8-10.

Last week he had on mtg after Twitter banned her. Very good conversation.

Next day he got swatted live. Following day ddos attacked live. Someone wants them silenced.

As with all commentary I am not a cult following simp. He is annoying, but covers legit topics.

Two days ago he had the founder of rumble on and that was a eye opener.

Day before was Mike Rowe. Another great conversation about trade schools and college debt.

In this day and age if you want to learn and grow the highway is there, just gotta stay in the lane and avoid the rabbit holes lol