What has your ride DONE FOR YOU lately?


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Funny. The networking guys at my company are some of the nicest, but damn...trying to get them to work....

wonder what it is about network guys.


She ain't fat, bruh... She just a lil' thick.
"Not my job" is the quickest way to get escorted out at my plant. If it's on the company's property, it's your fucking job.


Looks like that Super Duty needs a set of Bags!!
Coincidentally, just ordered as set of Firetones for the Ram..
Yes it does, but I don't tow enough shit that heavy on a regular basis to worry about it. I should have went 350 over 250.

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Our DBA's are masters of the "thats not my job". Um.. you did it last time and the time before that and before that... but now.. today.. its not their job. It's unreal.

That's where working with shitbags in a union becomes a benefit. If it's in the job description (which is usually left sort of open ended/generic for tasks), all you have to do is ask "are you refusing work?", and it quickly escalates to the shop steward which they don't like lol

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Guy on Craigslist got a large oak cut down, that means free firewood season. Went and picked up a load of 2’ diameter rounds for splitting.


Going to go back tomorrow to grab more with a buddy as they are too large for me to roll up on the trailer solo. Had to go fishing in the woods to get these out lol