Temporary Deals/Sales Thread

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Yep, the quality of DeWalt has gone down since then. And I'm a fan of the M12 line. I have too many 20V DeWalt tools to switch over.

But to be honest, Makita is coming out with some great stuff this past year. And Makita is always in stock at Home Depot when you need it unlike DeWalt or Milwaukee. Makita is all we use at work and the tools & batteries last.

Ok I looked at the Tq specs, significant difference, thanks for the heads up, I was able to cancel the order this morning.

I will pay more attention to these sets now.


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I'm still a fan of DeWalt's FlexVolt line. But it's way overkill for homeowners. Only worth it for professional use. And I'm not much on their other tools. We're going to be starting some home reno this year so my Milwaukee collection should grow quite a bit.


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Anyone looking for a solid tripod for gun or camera use?