Kayak Fishing


meanwhile for the past 2-3 years Ive been reading up on sea kayaking/navigation and procuring tools/materials to take some coastal trips

that said if I got Moby Dick'd it would be an epic way to go out lol


Spent the day at a lake yakking and ran across two bald eagles. Only one in the video and make sure your volume is way low or youll blow out your ears/speakers with all the action coming from Fort Dix. They were running exercises from 8am till after I left at 1pm.

lol @ unloading on the carry sign...

ended up being a great day after the fog burnt off and the temps rose 20+ degrees



also ran across two beaver lodges but only got pics of one.


forgot if anyone's looking for differences in 10' angler kayaks.... Old Town and Perception/LLBean are very similar in design.

The cockpit on the old town does come up higher so it will block more waves/spray from getting in. also has a usable cup holder and small portions of "dash" to set things on. down side is if you like to stretch your legs outside from time to time - it doesn't feel as good as the perception. neither have "dry storage" but I like the ability to put stuff in the hull protected from the rain in the perception. also keeps things covered from view and holds lager items/more room for large items

Old town comes with a drain plug. Perception does not. The perception doesn't even have a spot for one so thats a horrible design IMHO. Had this yak for 2 years and it completely sucks to drain. Even though the 2 perception yaks I bought prior to this didn't have drain plugs, they were reinforced in good locations to add them. I'm just going to pick a spot that I think is good and add one today while changing some rigging around and removing the cleat. It gets caught on stuff and sticks out too far for my liking.

Perception has a paddle holder on the right side that holds the paddle inline with the kayak out of your way. The Old Town has indentations in the cockpit so you can put the paddle on top of it perpendicular to the yak but nothing to hold it or get it out of your way. You can lay a paddle down in that area on just about any yak so the indentations are kinda a waste. Paddle hits the hull make the most noise so if spooking fish is a concern placing the paddle in that same location on the perception offers some noise reduction because it's a padded area.

Both have cleats and systems for running the anchors they came with.

seats are very similar in design but I feel the Old Town is stronger. Plastic is thicker and a better overall design IMHO. Perception got too "fussy" trying to make people happy with an adjustable seat height that made it weak. I'd rather have a strong non adjustable seat over this thing. Mine broke within months of ownership. Meanwhiel I have 2 other perceptions with decade + years of use and no issues ever with those seats.

Both blend in with fog/low light well but the perception's lighter color allows it to bland in a little better IMHO. the darker silhouette on the lake can be seen for longer distances or thats what my buddy and I thought when we were messing around swapping back and forth to test each others out

if you have large feet the old town has more room. my 12's will not fit as they should in either but maybe an inch or two more room in the old town




spent the last half of the day doing yak rehab. Polished the bottom and top, cut out some blanks for future emergency's, filled three holes and calling it due to light. Ill finish up tomorrow

got blanks in both yaks now for field fix's. two birds one stone - cup holders just filled w/water anyway and no way you can use them cause my Johnson is there so now they drain and I can fix holes





needs a little more polishing tomorrow. hindsight being 20/20 my soldering iron was too hot and I should of cleaned it first. Dang solder slag turned it dark


test patch "polishing"

before/after for comp.....left sides untouched